Stuart Broad is disappointed with the fact that he over stepped to deliver the ball

Stuart Broad is disappointed with the fact that he over stepped to deliver the ball which induced the outside edge of the Pakistani top order batsman Shoaib Malik on the first day of the Abu Dhabi test match .

That outside edge was safely held, but, later when checked, it was not found out to be a legal delivery and Malik stayed on to continue his innings from there and eventually, at the end of the day, he was unbeaten at the crease having scored a century.

According to Broad, if he had got the wicket of Malik there, his team would probably have finished the day in a commanding position.

Speaking to a television presenter on the sidelines, Broad said, “It was certainly disappointing. Playing in difficult conditions, you don’t want to be wasting opportunities like that.”

“And, it’s not the first time that it has happened with us. We were denied a couple of wickets because of overstepping in the Ashes too. So, we certainly have to see it as a problem and try and sort it. You can’t be excused for such an error at this level especially when it costs the team big.” More

Stuart Broad bowled one of the best spells of fast bowling in Ashes Cricket

Stuart Broad bowled one of the best spells of fast bowling in Ashes Cricket at Trent Bridge, Nottingham where he dismissed 8 batsmen for just 15 runs and sent the Aussies packing for mere 60 runs.

James Anderson was out of that game because of the injury that he had sustained at Edgbaston and Broad was the senior-most bowler in the playing XI. Thus, the onus was on him to deliver when Alastair Cook won the toss and inserted Australia in on a fresh, green pitch and boy, did he deliver?

Right from the very first over, he was on the money. The lengths were absolutely impeccable. He pitched almost every bowl right at the good length area just outside the off stump enticing the batsman to play and inducing the edge. It was a treat to watch.

Broad, however, would like to thank some of his teammates too for their brilliant catching. The England fielders converted half chances into wickets that morning.

The catch that Ben Stokes took to send Adam Voges back to the shed, it was sort of unreal.

Broad himself just could not believe that the ball had actually been caught. The expressions that he put on his face, he was absolutely shocked and so were the other English fielders as well as the Thousands of English supporters. More

Stuart Broad seems to be getting intimidated by fast bowling

Stuart Broad seems to be getting intimidated by fast bowling these days. He was a pretty handy bat in the first half of his career. He even has a test century to his name and that too versus a good attack of Pakistan.

But, since the time Varun Aaron has hit him on the nose, fear has crept in his mind. He does not look to get on top of the bounce of the deliveries and play proper shots. He backs off instead and then tries to throw his arms. In short, he has started batting like a tail-ender.

Some former Cricketers reckon that the England team management should demote Stuart Broad from no. 8 and get him batting at 11 to give him a bit of a strong message.

In the modern era, the bowlers are actually getting better with their batting. The coaches make them have a hit in the nets almost during every practice session.

It’s not easy to just come and knock over the tail-enders any more in Cricket. They show quite a bit of resistance.

But, here is Stuart Broad who has had his batting going the other way around and that is surprising. He is believed to be a tough young man. The way he had taken on the Aussies in the first leg of 2013 Ashes, it was audacious. More

Joe Root is only Batsman to Perform in World Cup

Joe Root is the only England batsman who is showing some mettle in the World Cup.

The rest are just looking lost. Playing in Wellington versus the Blackcaps, no English batsman could handle the swing bowling apart from Root.

And, the ball was not actually hopping around. It was doing a little bit as it always does in New Zealand, but, it was not as if it was impossible to bat out there.

Yes, Southee was bowling great lengths, but, there was no point just letting him chip away with the wickets. At least, some sort of counter attack should have been launched or something different should have been done to get him off rhythm, but, the English players just happened to be sitting ducks. They were getting knocked over easily.

Root though was pretty steely. He spent some time out there. He was pretty solid and though, he also got beaten a couple of times, he maintained his proper shape and fell just 4 short of his fifty. More