Stuart Broad never Watches the Games he Played in

Stuart Broad reveals that while he is really fond of watching old Cricket games, he never watches those games in which he himself participated in because it feels absolutely bizarre to him to watch himself in action.

On asked what is his favourite item on the television apart from Cricket, is it news or is it some soap, Broad says he doesn’t switch to the news channels at all and whatever news he comes to know about, he does it via social networking platforms and not via television.

The items which are generally on his television are all sports items and he rarely switches to anything else. Golf and Soccer are the two sports other than Cricket which he takes keen interest in and follow a lot.

As per Broad, he actually doesn’t spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television, certainly not when he is in UK. When he tours abroad and there is nothing much to do outside and he has to stay inside his hotel room only, that’s when television becomes his friend. Otherwise he is not like a television junkie.

When he is in UK, he rather keeps himself indulged in outdoor stuff. Golfing is one of his favourite pastimes and that’s what he is doing most of the time when he is at his house.

On asked if English cricketers are allowed to watch movies or any other entertainment programmes in the locker room so that they can relax, Broad says that nobody can carry any kind of gadget to the locker room. There remains a television in the locker room, but that television is used for only one purpose and that is for watching the game that is taking place on the ground.