Stuart Broad on Target Setting for Pakistan

Stuart Broad reckons the two unbeaten batters on 4th day will have a say in how big a target should be given to Pakistan in the on-going game in Birmingham as they, having stitched a huge partnership, are supposed have a better feel of the pitch than any other player.

If they convey to the skipper and the management that the current lead was big enough to rule the possibility of a Pakistan win, then it might lead to England being daring and announcing the declaration first thing in the morning to have a go at the opposition openers in the fresh conditions.

As per Broad, the bowlers would probably also be talked to regarding the declaration and speaking from bowlers’ standpoint, he can say that they would like early declaration as it would leave them with a luxury of having a crack with the new ball twice if the game went down to the wire.

Coming to his own bowling, Broad acknowledges that in spite of having been able to chip in every now and then, he has been far off from the best he can be as a pacer in the current summer and he attributes that to some of the changes he has made in his bowling style. More